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    [Tutorial] Templates for compiling sketches on the Galileo (esp. eglibc)


      Dear all,


      On the github link below, you find simple templates and a short tutorial how to compile sketches directly on the Intel Galileo. This is particularly useful for clanton-full Linux installations based on eglibc, which have normally no easy means to compile or run sketches. There is an alternative approach documented in [Tutorial] Setting up Arduino IDE for linux images based on eglibc but this is not easy transferable to Mac OS X (what I am using currently) or Windows. When compiling sketches directly on the Galileo, the setup is simpler (no cross compilation tool chain necessary) and sketches can be integrated without much magic with other applications.


      I hope, someone might find this useful

      best regards

      -gustaf neumann


      gustafn/compile-sketch · GitHub