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    Arduino 1.5.3 on Mac OSX Won't allow editing


      Hello everyone, I am new here and happy to have found the site. I have a galileo board which I am anxious to try but I am having a problem with the IDE. The IDE opens and allows me to select the correct port for the board but will not allow me to edit any sketches nor will it allow me to create new ones. The main window is grayed out  and only shows the initial template you get when you click to make a new sketch. Anyways, the IDE allows me to open an existing sketch such as from the examples library and also loads it to the board as long as there are no issues. It just does not allow for the editing of the files.

      Anyways, I am running the latest OSX at the moment and I have renamed the IDE file with Galileo. I have the normal arduino IDE also and that works well with the arduino boards. I have included a picture below of what my galileo ide looks like, as you can see, the screen is gray instead of white.

      Any help will be appreciated.