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    DN2820FYKH win 8.1 cannot find my intel 530 SSD. Shows in Bios




      Ive had a frustrating afternoon trying to install win 8.1 on my newly arrived DN2820FYKH.


      I have installed ssdsc2bw180a401 wich is the Intel 530 series 180 gb SSD, written compatible with all NUC systems.


      My first problem was updating the BIOS, with the error message cannot find product ID. Updating manually via usb worked fine after removing the jumper.


      The real problem came when installing 8.1 from usb, as the OS cannot find any drives. After googling about this, all i can find is people missing the SSD from the SATA menu in BIOS. But mine actually shows. I have followed the BIOS settings Intel� NUC — Operating system installation


      2014-04-22 20.58.51.jpg

      2014-04-22 20.57.09.jpg

      Are there any tips here? and where is the error probably located? After hours of troubleshooting I have completly given up