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    CPU at 3.8GHz every time multiplier set to 34


      My first time here,


      my cpu i5-3570K keep on going at 3.8GHz every time I set the multiplier to 34. I tried changing it to 33 and 35 and any other safe range and it follows accordingly, e.g. 33 -> 3.3GHz and 35 -> 3.5Ghz. The base clock is set to auto which displays the supposed frequency. This is very weird and I don't think it is related to turbo boost. It worked fine before i.e. stays at 3.4 and boosts to 3.8 on demand, and after some time suddenly I just noticed that the cpu stays at 3.8 even in BIOS. I am not sure but I think it happened around the time after I install my graphic card. It is EVGA GTX760 SC ACX which I believe is not related.


      edit: p/s: I plan to try without the graphic card later



      HyperX 1600

      EVGA GTX760 SC ACX


      Please help as I am not comfortable not knowing what's really happening to my PC