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    How can Intel 82566 generate test pattern for Ethernet Conformance Tests?


      I shall make the Intel ethernet adapter 82566DM mounted on the mainboard (FOXCONN LS-36) of a DELL desktop PC (Type DCSM) transmit test patterns for Ethernet (100BASE-TX) Conformance Tests.


      In detail I shall make it permanently transmit


      1th     a scrambled IDLE stream (4B/5B=11111) as a basic signal for Mask Test

                (ANSI X3.263-1995 (R2000) Annex J)


      2nd     a scrambled HALT line state for Jitter Test

                (IEEE 803.2-2000, 25.4.5 & ANSI X3.263-1995 (R2000) 9.1.9)


      3rd      a 01010101 NRZ bit sequence for Duty Cycle Distortion

                (ANSI X3.263-1995 (R2000) 9.1.8)

      Who can help me or/and tell me how to manage that?