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    intel 865 PE OP-AO9PE-AL8 audio driver


      irrelavent ramble

      Its 2 in the morning, Iv just finished reinstalling windows, and surprise surprise - my display driver dosnt work and my sound card driver has been discountinued or something meaning I can't find it and I just want to go to bed =[ So im posting this in the hope that somebody will come to my rescue over night and I can wake up a happy guy haha anyway, my problem:


      brief motherboard description/data

      MY mother board is an ancient intel 865 PE (i think the product code is OP-AO9PE-AL8 or something) and I am looking for the audio driver. On the intel website the only motherboard devices I have to choose from are the following:


      list of possible matches

      intel desktop board D865GBF

      intel desktop board D865GLC

      intel desktop board D865GRH

      intel desktop board D865GSA

      intel desktop board D865GVGZ

      intel desktop board D865PCD

      intel desktop board D865PCK

      intel desktop board D865PERL



      and I have no idea which one it is.. I have tried the last one (hoping that the PE in PERL might be it because I have a PE on mine...)


      good night

      anyway im COMPLETELY rambling and im going to bed.