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    DZ87KLT-75K Blu-Ray Drive Hard Hang


      Okay, I've tried three different Blu-Ray drives now, from three different manufacturers, and for some reason, I'm getting a hard-hang in Windows when running certain tasks with a Blu-Ray drive attached to the discrete controller (gray connectors).  I don't have the same problem if I disconnect the drive, and I don't have the same problem when I move the drive to one of the Intel controller (blue) SATA connectors.  Unfortunately, I have six HDD/SDD and need each of the Intel/blue SATA connectors for drives, and want to resolve this very strange bug/issue. Could someone help me troubleshoot this?  This is the only lingering issue with my new build.


      Some background:


      1) Hard-hang causes the motherboard to completely ignore the reset NMI switch (super bad), and I have to hold down the power button to force an ATX power supply shutdown.  I don't like doing this when the operating system is up, but it's necessary.  I've let it sit for an hour, it does nothing.


      2) Some of the things that can make the system hang are: trying to run utilities that scan for new devices, particularly hard drives, such as Windows Drive Management, Samsung Drive Magician (to manage my SSDs), and even installing and uninstalling some Intel drivers.


      3) I've gone through three different drives (Sony, Asus and now Pioneer), choosing the highest rated drives I could find.  Three manufacturers, same issue.  I don't think it's the drives' fault.


      4) Back when I was first having this hard-hang issue, I wasn't sure what the problem was and kept having the issue.  It caused my registry to become seriously corrupted, and made me waste an entire weekend trying to troubleshoot a weird driver issue.


      So, I want to resolve this issue as soon as possible, and I'm not sure what I can do to fix things. Anyone?  It sounds like the discrete controller is giving me issues, but I don't see where there are any controller drivers to be loaded as they are included in the operating system.

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          Hello Amarand, I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with your motherboard and these Blu-Ray devices.


          According to your post, the Blue-Ray is working fine when it is plug to an Intel Blue SATA connector.

          Could you please try connecting a hard drive on a grey SATA port in order to find out if it works OK? Please let me know the results.


          It is important to inform you that these grey SATA ports are not Intel. These are interfacing through a Marvel controller.


          Would you please let me know which is the current BIOS version of the board?

          Could you provide me the model number of at least one of the BLUE-RAYs you are testing?

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            I connected a hard drive to the gray SATA port that the Blu-Ray drive was connected to, and it works just fine.  No hard hangs (or at least I can't reproduce one after six or seven attempts).


            Yes, the Marvell controller.  So my question is: are there any drivers for this discrete chipset for Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit that I'm missing?  My last Intel motherboard also had a mix of Intel and Marvell, and the Intel always worked great and the Marvell...not so great.


            BIOS: KLZ8711D.86A.0450.2014.0217.1636 (2/17/2014)


            The current Blu-Ray drive is Pioneer BDR-209DBK (version 1.10 - current).

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              I found the following article that contains some FAQ , you may want to check it out 





              Also, would you please let me know which operating system are you using?

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                My problem isn't with playing Blu-Ray discs.  I'm fairly competent on getting software working that will let me watch Blu-Ray discs under Windows.  My problem is that whenever any application attempts to scan this Marvell bus and finds a Blu-Ray drive, it hard-hangs the system.  So hard that the motherboard lights stop flashing, codes are not updated, and I can't even press the hard-reset (NMI) button.  I have to hold the power button until the ATX power supply removes power.  Those two links would be great if I were having problems watching Blu-Ray discs. I am not. I am having problems with anything attempting to scan the Marvell bus for devices.

                My operating system is Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit (as mentioned in my previous response).

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                  It seems to be a compatibility problem. It could be that these kinds of devices are not compatible with Marvell ports.

                  I’m going to try to duplicate this scenario in our demo. I would let you know the results.


                  Have you tried to install another operating system like Windows 7 or Windows 8?

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                    theres no manufacturer drivers for those port (probably done through windows update?)


                    one thing you could try, is to switch the mode of the ports in the Bios between RAID/IDE/AHCI and see if it makes any difference. I currently have a Sony Optiarc DVDR drive on one of those marvell ports and it's working fine. AHCI I think (not sure anymore)