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    NUC stuck on Welcome Screen




      After multiple restarts and everything working fine, upon standard daily reboot, the system is locked in the startup screen with no keyboard or mouse. Just locked up.


      I had more of these boxes around, so I swapped components and had the same.

      I tried switching the ram -- thinking it could be a bad module -- same result.


      Not really sure what happened. Nothing new was added. I have a bunch of these boxes and this was the first time something like this happened.



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          Hello Tknewbie, I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with your NUC, but please let me try to help you.


          According to your comment, the system is working fine, but when you reboot it, it stays at the Welcome screen. Does this happen every single day?

          Are you experiencing this behavior with other NUCs?

          Would you please let me know which is the model number of the memory (RAM)?

          Which is the current BIOS version of the NUC and the Operating system you have installed?


          What we usually recommend on a regular motherboard is to clear the CMOS removing the battery from the board. In your case, would you please unplug or disconnect the battery wire from the connector and leave the system without it for about an hour?

          cmos NUC.JPG

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            Thank you


            I think this is a bios issue and will try to install the updated bios soon


            Thank you.