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    Why is there a delay in WiFiClient.available() ?


      I am trying to use the WiFi library with Galileo and I'm seeing a delay of about 1 or 2 seconds when I call WiFiClient.available() and there is no data available on the connection.  Here is the code I'm using after establishing a connection:

      Code to Read from Connection

        WiFiClient g_client = server.available();

        if (g_client)


          if (!g_client.connected())


            Serial.print("Closing client connection...\n");






            Serial.print("Connected to client!\n");

            int numBytes = g_client.available();

            Serial.print("Bytes Available: ");

            Serial.println(numBytes, DEC);

            if (numBytes > 0)


              Serial.print("Reading from client...\n");

              // read the bytes incoming from the client:

              char thisChar = g_client.read();

              Serial.print("Received: ");

              // echo the bytes to the server as well:


              incomingByte = thisChar;




      The call in blue above takes about 1 or 2 seconds if there is no data.  If there is data, it returns right away.  (My client is sending 1 character on each send by the way.)


      Any ideas why there is a delay?  I don't want the loop in my sketch to have that delay when there is no data from the client.