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    D54250WYK crashes when VP (iScan Duo) is switched off


      I have a D54250WYK which is connected to an iScan Duo (video processor and HDMI switch). The iScan Duo is then connected to my plasma TV and front projector.


      My problem is that when I switch off the iScan Duo, the NUC crashes/freezes. I can no longer connect to it via for example XBMC and Plex remote. If I switch the iScan Duo back on, there is no signal from the NUC. The NUC is still turned on (power LED is lit).


      I am then forced to do a hard power off by pressing the power button for 4 secs.


      I've tried several things:

      - Turning the plasma TV off does NOT affect the NUC (as long as the iScan Duo is still on)

      - Putting a HDMI switch (Oppo HM31) between the NUC and iScan Duo does not have an effect (NUC still crashes when iScan Duo is switched off). There is a LED on the HDMI switch that lights up when there is a signal from the source. Even when the NUC had freezed/crashed, the HDMI switch indicated that there was coming a signal (albeit a blank signal) from the NUC).


      The D54250WYK is on firmware 25 and all drivers are the most recent versions.


      All my other equipment (Blu-ray player, cable set-top box, Roku 3, PS3) works fine with the iScan Duo.


      I've considered putting a HDMI Detective Plus between the NUC and the iScan Duo, but I don't have one and I don't like having to spend an extra $100 for a shot at getting the setup working, that I'm not remotely sure will even help.


      Any and all suggestions are welcome.