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    external eSATA doesn't work on DH67CL



      I recently converted my board to RAID configuration and installed four HDD's into RAID 5. I have another SSD outside the RAID for the OS. So all my internal SATA connections are occupied. I intended to use the external eSATA connection for an internal hard disk enclosure that is built into my case. It is possible because I have holes for cables (originally - water cooling system) in my case. But it doesn't work. I've tried another cable, and I verified that the enclosure work when i connected it to internal SATA. Is it possible that the board defective? Should I change configuration \ rewire something in the board to make it work?


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          Thanks for joining the community.

          I understand you are trying to use external SATA for your motherboard model DH67CL.

          In order to determine you have defective board, you will need to perform BIOS and test different eSATA devices.

          Please update computer BIOS with file name: BLH6710H.86A.0160.EB.EXE



          Test another eSATA hard drive and change cables. This will determine if the port on the computer is defective or not. Also, make sure power supply is at least 500W of power juice.



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            Thanks for the reply. I already have that BIOS installed, and have tried different eSATA cables. My PSU is 450W, which I think is more than enough, considering I don't have a graphic card (or any other card), nevertheless I have no problem connecting additional two external USB hard drives.

            I want to elaborate on the problem: I am not connecting an external eSATA device, but a regular internal hard drive, with internal power supply and the external eSATA port. I am using a eSATA to SATA cable. I don't have another device to double check.

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              Some things to check:


              1. Make sure that you have the eSATA port fully enabled in the BIOS.
              2. Since you are using the port for a resident hard drive, you might want to disable the hot plug capability.
              3. Make sure you provide power to the drive. The eSATA cable does not provide power; it has to be provided separately. You had to provide power to operate the drive off the internal SATA connector; are you leaving this power connected when you switch to the external connector?
              4. Verify that the external connector works with an external enclosure. This may be the only way to verify the operation of the external connector and isolate the problem (to the cable).



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                Scott, thanks for the reply.

                1. It is enabled and the other (internal) eSATA works (they both enabled by the same configuration field).

                2. The hot plug is enabled and it is desirable, to clarify, I want to connect the "x-dock" in that case: Cooler Master: Silencio 550

                3. I have an internal power connector connected.

                4. I do not have any other device.

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                  Have you installed the drivers for Intel RST?

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                    Yes, I have the latest. I have RAID and it works fine. It also recognize that I have "external empty port".

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                      Ok, good to know. This leaves only the verification of the Rear Panel connector and the cable. As I said, the easiest way is to beg, borrow or buy an external eSATA bay to test with. I can't think of another way to verify the cable otherwise...

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                        I have tried two different cables... I will try to get another eSATA device tomorrow from work. Is it possible that there is a missing physical connection on the board? (like USB headers connection). Also, I noticed now that the external eSATA is said (in Intel® Desktop Board DH67CL Interactive Diagram) to use marvell 88se6121 controller, which is different from the controller of the internal SATA ports. Maybe I am missing some drivers? (I can see only the Intel SATA RAID drivers) (though it probably not it because the BIOS didn't recognized the connection either...)

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                          No, I don't think so. There are six SATA ports in the H67 PCH. That's enough to cover the five internal SATA connectors and one external eSATA connector. There was thus no need for a separate Marvell controller on this board...

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                            I got another pc with eSATA and tried to connect my hdd directly to it. It didn't work also, so I assume that the motherboard is not the fault. I assumed that the cable might be defective (though I have two), and read that some of the eSATA cables (because of the different revisions)  might fail to connect (to another revision's port), and that cutting a part of the connector fixes the problem. I tried that and it didn't help. I already tried another hdd (at the beginning) and it didn't work, so I am out of ideas. In the mean time my Windows boot got screwed, and it is booting in about 10 minutes (on SDD), so I will probably give up with eSATA, assuming it's a scam, and try to fix my boot... anyway, thanks for the help!