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    Smart Response Technology accelertion warning


      RSTHow do I troubleshoot Smart Response Technology issues?  The Intel Rapid Storage Technology utility reports a current status of:

      "Your system is reporting one or more events, and data may be at risk."

      "Refer to the details below for more information"


      Under the Management section it says:

      "SATA disk on Controller 0, Port 0: Failed" - Next to this there is a link I can click to "Mark as normal".


      But in the Storage System View, I see this:

      Intel RST Storage Sys View.jpg

      So do I have an error or not?


      Here's my setup:

      Win 8.1 x64

      HP EliteBook 8570w

      Intel SSD 525 Series 120GB mSata

      Western Digital WDC7500BPKT


      This is a disappointing user interface.  How am I supposed to know what cause the problem?  What are the fix actions?