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    HD 4000 Setup


      I've got a great running system (see below) but I'm setting up a new Z87 system with no GPU using only Intel's HD 4600, so I wanted to try out the Intel HD 4000 on my existing system.


      I removed my gpu and hooked up my monitor to the HD 4000 on-board video port and it doesn't boot. The system gives me a few beeps like it can't boot without a video card installed.


      I'm sure I need drivers for Windows, but I thought the system would boot with no setup - can't find any BIOS settings.


      Current Setup:


      MB: ASUS P8Z77 WS

      CPU: Intel Core i7-3770K

      MEM: G. Skill 16 GB - CMZ16GX3M2A1600C9

      GPU: XFX  Radeon HD 7870

      SSD: OCZ SSD Vertex3

      OS: Win 7m 64bit

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          Hi teagueAMX,


          I am sorry you are having this problem with the system but let me help you out.


          Based on your description, the system you have is a Z87 chipset meaning 8 series. The processor Ivy Bridge (3rd generation) is not compatible with the newer systems.


          The design of the 3rd generation processors is for 1155 socket type and the 8 series motherboards come with socket type 1150 so I would say that the problem here is related to compatibility issues and that is way the computer is not booting up.


          I recommend you contacting the Computer Manufacture so they can provide a list of compatible processors for your motherboard.

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            Hi Kevin and thanks for responding,


            Sometimes I try to make things interesting by telling a story, but I confused the issues - one is a future build and the other is my existing system that I'm having a problem with now.


            The system I'm having an issue with now is my existing ASUS P8Z77 WS, which uses a 1155 CPU. This system uses the  correct 1155 socket Intel Core i7-3770K. As you are aware that CPU supports Intel's HD 4000 graphics port. This system works great when I'm using dedicated GPU, the XFX  Radeon HD 7870.


            My problem is when I remove the HD 7870 and plugged my monitor into the Intel's HD 4000 graphics port on the back of the MB. The system will not boot and beeps telling me i needed to install a graphics card.

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              Well thanks for the information.


              Please try resetting the BIOS settings to defaults and disconnect the video card completely from your system.  You can also try a different processor if possible for testing purposes.