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    Haswell flying textures and driver crashes


      I have the latest driver, Windows 7 64-bit, 4 gigs of memory. My CPU is Celeron G1820, Motherboard Asus H81M-E. The latest BIOS update.


      Guys could you point me where to complain about this Intel HD crash issue? I wrote to intel support about 3 weeks ago, and got only automatic reply kind of "we will look into the problem and reply to you shortly". But I still didn't get any replies. The problem is that when I play Half Life 2 episode Two, I have flying textures





      The problem is semi persistent. Sometimes I have it sometimes I don't. It also happens that some textures become white or purple. And in this game scene also it constantly crashes in the train when you look up. The message in notification area says "Driver for windows 8 crashed and recovered... blah-blah-blah". But the game does not recover. And I have windows 7, not 8. Personally I think that this is a problem with Windows 7/8 driver. Because:


      1. When I put NVidia card into my MB and play this game, I get no such problems.

      2. When I play this game on linux with Intel HD, I have no such problems.

      3. When I play this game on Windows XP with XPEmbedded driver, downloaded here Download Center . I have no such problems.




      This problem seems to less affect other games. But sometimes I have black squares in DosBox and in some console emulators. Which are fully 2D applications.


      I tried clean installation of Windows 7, with clean drivers, without any additional software and updates. Also I tried it with latest updates for windows 7. No effects on the problem.


      With the previous driver version the game used to freeze for 5 secs. Now it does not.