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    Intel SSD 530 120GB


      Hi all,


      I have recently bought ssd 530 drive for my dell precision asa replacement for plextor which had a problem with crc error count. The drive is few day old and so far has been working fine, but I noticed in the Tool box smart data that ssd indicates:


      "SATA Downshift count" -  11

      "CRC error count"          -   2





      Similarly, the crystaldiskinfo reports crc error count on the ssd. Now, could someone please tell me what does it mean? I research the crc error count and as far as my knowledge is concerned in indicates with sata cable or drive sata conectors? (Now this starts worrying me as this is second ssd drive, previously plextor, which indicates crc error count) . What about the SATA Downshift count ? what does it indicates?



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          Hi denio_0, I understand your concern in this matter.

          The increase in those numbers indicates a problem with the data being scrambled during transmission from the chipset to the SSD. Considering that you have used two different drives I suggest you replacing the cable(s) or connecting the drive to a different port if possible.