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    Intel® Server Board S3420GPLX Error




      I have a problem with the server-board.

      When I start the Computer I get the following beep code.  (See sound file)


      When I used the computer I get very often the following error. (See pictures)


      What can I do?

      Is my board defective?

      Here is my hardware:


      CPU: Intel  Xeon X3450

      Server Board: S3420GPLX

      Memory: 4gb Kingston KVR1333D3D8R9S/4G

      Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti -> PCIe x16 (Gen 2.x)

      Raid Controller: LSI 9650SE-4ML -> PCIe x8 (Gen 1.x)

      USB 3 Card: SilverStone EC04-P Controller -> I/O- extension x4 (Gen 1.x)

      Sound: Xonar Essence ST -> PCI

      SSD: Corsair  Force GT 120 GB

      Raid Disk: 4 x Samsung Spinpoint F1 RAID


      Yours sincerely,