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    real hotplug of msata?




      I have a DH87RL and a msata plugged in. I have started to install an OS to the msata, but canceled it. Now, it looks like the abruption of the installation left the boot sector/partition layout on the msata in some very unclean state and the maschine refuses to boot if the msata is plugged in - otherwise it gets stuck at the initial boot logo screen, even can't enter the bios setup. (I guess that EFI(?) dies somehow while reading the garbage on the msata.)


      So, the obvious solution is to wipe the msata. But, I don't have any other devices with a msata connector. I can enter the bios when the msata is not plugged in, but there's no way to tell that the msata should be ignored while booting - to not search for a boot loader thing (efi executable) on it.


      Then there's this "enable hotplug" option for msata. Does this include a _real_ hotplug of the device? The pins don't look like "usual" hotplug pins (i.e. ground pin being a bit longer than the other pins).