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    My D54250WYK does not seem to give any video output


      I got my D54250WYK today.


      I installed a msata SSD 60 gb (Kingston)

      I installed 1 memory bank 8 gb DDR3L (Kingston) in the lowest memory bracket


      Then i closed the case with screws and connected it with my Panasonic TX-P50VT20EA with a mini HDMI -> HDMI cable.


      But when i put the AV of my tv to the corresponding HDMI input the screen stays blank when i turn on the NUC.

      The blue light of the NUC goes on and stays on.


      Doe anyone have an idea what is going wrong?


      Is the NUC broken, is it something else (my HDMI input works with all other HDMI devices)




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