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    How to recover raid 0 on ICH9R by intel matrix or other software


      I have 3 hdd's, 1Tb in each.

      Build 2 arrays raid 0 - 2047Gb and 468Gb.

      One of hdd's now have a 500 relocated sectors and over 200 in project.

      intel matrix said that hdd is bad and need to replace, save all info.

      I told console to scan arrays and she found 9 errors. (relocated sectors), checkdisk win fix all errors of ntfs, then i told in console that disk is good ))) and error is dissapear from tray.

      Now i buy new 1Tb hdd and wanna copy old one to new one.

      Intel matrix console cant do that, but can mark that disk is spare, but why that need - i dont know. Because i cand see that is help ))

      In one cervice center told me - when intel matrix again shows in tray with bad news - she automatic start copy bad hdd on spare..

      But how long to wait? ))

      can i manual copy hdd from console? can i copy byte to byte info on new hdd? that's help?

      How to replace hdd on raid 0 without lost info and without rebuild on another comp array's with other soft?

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          So you have two 1TB drives striped into a 2TB RAID-0 volume with a third 1TB on standby not doing anything. If I understand correctly, you are wanting to replace one of the drives in your RAID-0 volume with this third 1TB drive on standby. Am I correct?


          To my knowledge, you can't transfer data from one drive to another (hot spare) if it belongs to a RAID-0 volume. However, you can use a hotspare drive if one of two drives fail in RAID-1.


          I'm not sure, but in theory you should be able to add a fourth 1TB drive and stripe it against your third 1TB to make a second RAID-0 volume. Then, assign this second RAID-0 volume to mirror the first (the one with the failing member drive). Just one problem though. This would be called RAID 01, and I think Intel Matrix Storage only support RAID levels 0, 1, 5, and 10. Not 01. However, you might be able to setup a software mirror between your two RAID-0 volumes in Windows Disk Manager to replicate your data, then decommission your original failing RAID-0 volume.


          I would suggest making a backup of all your data to another drive of your choosing with backup software or a manual file copy first prior to making any attempts of rectifying the issue.

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            That is config.

            need somehow copy info from bad to spare and after replace dotn drop arrays.

            If this is be in silicon image raid controller i be able to copy byte to byte hdd's and simple replase bad with new, but in cervive center sayd that cant be done on intel because he store serial numbers of hdd's in bios and do not recognise copyed hdd as member of array's.

            I have no place to backup 3 tb.

            I can recover by software all info in image's of array's but still i have no free space to do that.

            One way - copy bad hdd on new and somehow make intel raid accsept this hdd as member of array's.

            Sory for my bad English ))

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              copy byte to byte hdd, backup mbr from health raid.

              Delete raid and create raid with new hdd. Size and other parameters must be SAME.

              Then copy winhex or other program mbr on new raid.

              Run chkdsk with nofix and looking hard errors.. if errors is too many - need to review mbr for errors.

              If a small amount of errors - chkdsk /f.

              I recover all raid info and lost nothing.