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    DG41TY - PS/2 Keyboard


      During POST or after the Intel splash screen, I get an error indicating that a PS/2 keyboard is not connected when there is. I fixed the problem by using a different keyboard. The keyboard in question is an inexpensive PS/2 Microsoft Natural Multimedia and the solution I used was a regular PS/2 Microsoft Natural Keyboard. I'm guessing the "function" key on the MS-Natural Multimedia is the culprit that has been causing the errors in the event log.


      I was wondering if a fix for the PS/2 keyboard port can be queued on the list for the next BIOS release. If not, I've found a solution to the keyboard problem anyhow.


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          I'm seeing this same problem with a brand new MS Natural Elite via PS/2.  Older keyboards of the same type have the same issue.  Strange thing is that if I just ignore the error, I can manage the bios just fine.  Windows XP works just fine too.  This is the latest bios - tygr110h.86a.0037.2009.1216.331.  This looks like a bios issue and it sure would be nice if it got fixed.


          I don't suppose the anoying beeping will ever get changed.