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    PROGMEM in intel galileo


      im trying to use PROGMEM in intel galileo. same example like this Arduino - PROGMEM

      i also included galileo-Pgmspace.h/pgmspace.h at master · mikalhart/galileo-Pgmspace.h · GitHub fot the library in arduino IDE

      when i verify the code, there's no error. after i upload the code, nothing has happen on my serial console. can i know why this happen?lib

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          The Galileo Quark is an Intel 486 processor. There is no equivalent to the PROGMEM flash memory on an Atmel processor.

          Any version of avr/pgmspace.h for the Galileo is just a dummy file so sketches will compile; they do not magically give you flash memory where none exists on the Quark.

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            Clayton Hofrock

            I think the better way of saying it is that Galileo does not need PROGMEM.


            With Arduino, the storage area (SRAM) for the sketch is small(2MB), so some libraries use the PROGMEM to move parts of their library (like strings and other constants) into the Flash to free up the SRAM space.


            Galileo is not limited by SRAM space. It is much larger (256MB) than any Arduino. Granted it has to share this space with a Linux OS, but the Linux OS also brings along page tables, which makes the memory essentially much larger.


            So, running the progmem example makes about as much sense as trying to use a Ethernet shield. It just is not needed.

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