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    Correlation between driver versions in Device Manager and Intel versions ?

    elias tauscher

      Hi everybody,

      The driver version that Device Manager informs is different from the version that Intel releases.

      Without fully understanding why this happens, it would be really useful if at least we could have a correlation table between both of them ?

      Am I missing something ? because it should be really easy and I cannot find it anywhere.

      Currently, Device Manager shows for my N-6235 version with driver date 31-Oct-13, while I have just installed Intel version 16.11.0, dated 21-Mar-14. When I saw the difference I thought that there had been some problem with the installation and re-installed, but then the installation software informed that the product was already installed and offered only to repair or uninstall.

      So, I am concluding that while Intel version 16.11.0 is correctly installed, device mamager indicates

      Can anyone explain this and if this is unavoidable, just produce a correlation table ?