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    Can the kernel be downgraded to 3.5?


      Hello, I would like to try compiling and running a custom 3.5 linux kernel (which includes a kernel module with research hardware support) on the Galileo. Does anyone have suggestions on the feasibility of this? From what I've learned so far, the kernel that Intel provides is based off of 3.8, and I see a lot of kernel patches in meta-clanton_v1.0.0/meta-clanton-bsp/recipes-kernel/linux/files/

      Would I need to port a subset or all of these patches over to the 3.5 kernel? It sounds like debian-distributed kernel has run successfully on the galileo, did that require kernel patching or just a particular config? Is a good first step trying to target the intel quark bsp yocto project to point to my local copy of the 3.5 kernel without including the galileo patches? My apologies for being so unfamiliar with kernel hacking, and thanks!