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    4600HD HDMI can't output audio or video to the AVR


      Using ASRock H87 Pro4 with BIOS 1.90, INTEL i7-4770,

      DVI connected to Dell 24" 1920X1200 2405FPW,

      HDMI connected to Pioneer SC-LX83 AVR then HDMI to Sharp LED 42" 1920*1080 display


      Flesh clean installed Win7 64bit with SP1, the lastest windows update, and all lastest driver in ASRock download page as of 15April2014.
      In these 3months, I keep trying different way differnt combinion to solve this problem but fail.

      I also used the lastest video driver from INTEL site, the v15., but same result.


      Problem:  connected both monitor and AVR, but only use the monitor when AVR in stand-by mode, there is no problem, and open INTEL HD Graphic Control Panel >> select Multiple Display will see the Extend, Clone.. options and see both Dell mon and AVR for display 1 and 2.  At the same time, in Device Manager can see both "Intel® Display/HDMI Audio" and "Realtek High Definition Audio" under Sound, video and game contrillers.

      But once I switch on the AVR from stand-by, the Dell mon will blank for half second and then back to normal, but the Dell mon will change the res. to 1920X1080, then in the INTEL HD Graphic Control Panel >> Multiple Display NO longer see the Extend, Clone.. options and only left the DELL mon, at the same time,  in Device Manager only left the "Realtek High Definition Audio" under Sound, video and game contrillers... the INTEL one disappeared...

      Then I switch back the AVR to stand-by mode, the DELL will blank agian then come back with everything, the multiple display setting is back, INTEL back to Device Manager....


      I think the correct case should be: switch on the AVR can choose clone then display in both screen, but now is whenever the AVR on, then can't even choose it.. just lost contact with it.

      I then disconnect the Dell's DVI cable and only with the HDMI connected to the AVR to start the computer, but it just has no signal to the AVR, I have to shut down the windows.  But I am sure the HDMI cable connection is ok while in standby mode... they can shake hand and the computer knows there is a LX-83 connected!! 


      I tried lower the Dell to 1920X1080 then switch on the AVR, but fail also.


      I tried all combination to turn on the computer, AVR on + Dell on, AVR off + Dell off, AVR on + Dell off but all same result, whenever the AVR is on, then lost it...

      I am wonder how you saying this MB can display 3screens at the same time??