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    Completely remove Intel(R) 4400 driver


      Hi. I would like to completely unistall/remove the Intel(R) 4400 driver from my Windows 7 system. I am having issues with a setting for the display output when the output is set to "Monitor". When this is enabled, the all-in-one M93z computer display and the monitor that is attached (set to duplicate) loses the source image. Aka black screen. I plan to reinstall the driver since I need it for a HIS adapter. I have already unistalled the driver once which fixes my issue, but I cannot install the driver software for the HIS adapter since it requires a better graphics controller than the native VGA to run. I downloaded the Intel (R) 4400 driver again and reinstalled it. To my dismay, when it asked to reboot to complete the changes, the black screen reappeared. I'm assuming the previous display settings are still inherent in the system. Are there more files (for instance in the registry) that I need to remove to allow me to install the Intel(R) 4400 driver with default settings? Thanks in advance for your help!I