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    How can I trigger that the 64bit-version of the iRST-SW is being installed?


      The "readme" explains that it is important to choose the 64bit version of the iRS-driver/ software package when working with a 64bit OS. Unfortunately it doesn't mention how to do so (and I'm the classical DUMMY).

      It irritates me that my 64bit win 8.1 OS is not being identified by the installation routine. Instead the setupRST.exe is allways proposing to install to a new iRST-directory in the 32bit-path, although a previous 64bit version exists in the x(86)-branch (unfortunately this iRST is not working anymore since I had the last update to win 8.1). Is it sufficient to change the path for the software update when using the "setupRST.exe" (version to ensure that the 64bit driver is being installed? Or are there any parameters that must be added to ensure this? it

      Thanks in advance!