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    In-Kernel led registration


      Hi all,


      Been poking some more at my Galileo and found the sd-card led some place inside /sys/class/pci/.

      (was kinda funny to set it's trigger to heartbeat, but not so usefull)

      although the code for it still illudes me.


      Have any of you people tried to link in the GP led into the gpio-leds framework with any success?

      If so, I'd like to see how you did it.


      I'm also not happy with the way the ethernet connector speed leds are wired up,

      and I'm debating if I should patch up the stmmac driver to use a different light scheme

      or maybe add both the orange and the green leds to the above mentioned gpio-leds framework.


      Keeping up the poking!


      Edit: Is it possible to mark this as a question now? I'd like to hand out points :)