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    Intel HD graphics 46000 video memory



      Recently I have brought  Intel Desktop Board DH87RL with Intel 4th Gen Core i5 -4440 -3.1GHZ processor and Corsair Vengeance 4GB DDR3 Ram. I have to connect this with my Mointor (Acer -Gateway HX1953L), My monitor has only VGA port for display, but whereas this mother board does not have any inbuild VGA port in it. So I have purchased a HDMI to VGA converter and got a display.

      The problem is, when I check the video memory via 'dxdiag' in run prompt (I am using windows 7 64bit) it shows 1700MB video memory, but I am unable to run any program/game within this memory limit. When run a online scan from ' Can You RUN It | Can I run that game | Game system requirements "   I get error from Video card, even it is no passing the test of 128 MB of video memory. When I run any low end game, nothing displays in my monitor, I can only hear the audio in background.

      Is it something with the converter or I need to purchase a separate graphics card with VGA port. Is there any way I can use this default Intel HD graphics memory.  Please help.

      Sorry for the long content, I cannot cut short it further