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    Driver upgrade from Matrix driver 8.8 to 8.9 fails on Vista 64


      I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I previously installed a fresh build of Vista 64 Ultimate with SP2. When installing drivers, the version available at the time for the Intel Matrix Storage software was 8.8. It installed with no problems.


      Today, I attempted to install the 8.9 version. It seemed to hang up in the install at the very end (at the progressive "dots"). I was forced to kill the process in the task manager after waiting 10 minutes for nothing else to happen. While it did install the Matrix console 8.9, the report status and device manager both report I'm still running 8.8.


      I've already rebooted my computer and installed the 8.9 version again. This time, it completed the install, but my driver is still at 8.8. I've uninstalled the Intel Matrix software, rebooted, then reinstalled again. No go. Same issue.


      If I attempt to manually update the driver by pointing it to the path of "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\driver64" I get the following error.


      Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.


      Intel(R) ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/DO/PCH SATA RAID Controller


      The system cannot find the file specified.


      This seems like a bug with the driver or Vista.

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          I found the problem. The issue was caused by a corrupted INF driver cache. This came to light when I tried connecting my BlackBerry and Garmin GPS unit. Both devices failed durring their driver install. Apparently this is an on-going bug that just randomly occurs from time to time. Though this is the first time I've personally experienced this problem... Good news however, the fix is simple.


          Here is the website where I found my answer. Basically, the batch file clears out the bad files in question. You may have to reboot your computer and run again just to be sure they're not still locked and in use which will prevent their deletion. Below is also the text needed to create your own batch file. Be sure to right-click and "run-as" Administrator.




          I was now able to install (and verify) the Matrix driver 8.9 successfully. My Blackberry and Garmin GPS unit also installed too.

          @echo off
          TITLE Repairing Inf Cache
          rem change to drive where windows runs
          rem change to the \windows\inf folder
          cd %SystemRoot%\inf

          rem create random directory for backup
          set FOLDERNAME=infbk-%RANDOM%
          mkdir %FOLDERNAME%

          rem list of files which need to be removed
          set FILE1=INFPUB.DAT
          set FILE2=INFSTOR.DAT
          set FILE3=INFSTRNG.DAT
          set FILE4=INFCACHE.*
          set FILE5=SETUPAPI.*

          rem take ownership of the first file
          takeown /f %FILE1%
          rem grant full control to 'administrators'
          icacls %FILE1% /grant administrators:F /t
          rem move it to the backup folder
          move %FILE1% %FOLDERNAME%

          rem same for the other files
          takeown /f %FILE2%
          icacls %FILE2% /grant administrators:F /t
          move %FILE2% %FOLDERNAME%

          takeown /f %FILE3%
          icacls %FILE3% /grant administrators:F /t
          move %FILE3% %FOLDERNAME%

          takeown /f %FILE4%
          icacls %FILE4% /grant administrators:F /t
          move %FILE4% %FOLDERNAME%

          takeown /f %FILE5%
          icacls %FILE5% /grant administrators:F /t
          move %FILE5% %FOLDERNAME%

          echo Successfully moved all infcache related files to %FOLDERNAME%