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    Need Help with configuring Intel® Server Board S2600JFQ


      Hi all!


      I want to build a web and mail server for myself only.  I went only and bought the Intel Server Board S2600JFQ thinking is would work and look like any other mother board that fill fit into a E-ATX chassis and will work with any power supply. So I bought the correct CPU and a normal 600W power supply and 2 SSD'S.  But I saw that the board only has two 6pin power connectors and upon further research I found that this board goes into a NODE and is part of Intel® Server System H2000JF chassis. 


      I tried to return the board to the supplier for refund but they said that that is not possible and now I'm waiting to hear if I can exchange it.  But what if they don't.


      So my question is:  do I really need to buy these parts:  power supply: FXX1200PCRPS? -- Power Distribution board: FXXCRPSPDB?

      if I have to buy these... how do I connect everything to work?  or can I make this work with a normal power supply and a normal chassis?


      Thank you for the help,