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    Intel HD4600 Graphics and NEC PA271W Monitor?


      I got an HP Envy 210xt with an i7 4770 processor and the Intel 4600 Graphics on board.  HP has configured the ports as a two DVI's, and that's all.  They couldn't tell me if they were dual link, but I got them to supply an image of the ports, and they appeared to be dual link.  So, I was really surprised when I hooked it up the 2600x1440 native resolution monitor and got only reduced resolution.  Searches here tell the tale, the HD 4600  does not support dual link DVI-D.  The monitor takes dual link dvi or display port.  But HP does not seem to have configured the system with anything but the two DVI ports, no display port and no hdmi.  I see search results showing that the graphics can be configured through hdmi to that resolution, but with no hdmi port and the monitor not having an hdmi port either, those threads aren't helping me much. 


      So my question is, before I go out and buy a graphics card, is there any way I can get the HD 4600 graphics card to drive my monitor at full resolution?  If no, anyone care to recommend an inexpensive graphics card to do the job.  No gaming.  Just photography in a wide gamut high resolution monitor.


      Thanks in advance!