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    Poor download speeds with Nuc 54250 and the 7260 ac wireless card


      I can connect on wifi with both 2.4 and 5 GHz. However signal strength is low when not within a few feet of the router. In the room where the NUC resides it gets about 4Mbps up and down with a Netgear R6300V1 AC router on the 5GHz freq. When I install the A6200 netgear USB 2.0 wireless ac adapter I receive about 100Mbps up and down in that room. The room is about 30 feet away. When the NUC and the 7260 are close to the router they get about 150Mbps. The USB AC adapter gets about 220Mbps. Lastly, when I check the properties on the 7260 card it is connected at 750Mbps when close to the router and its connected at 12Mbps when in the room 40 feet away. The USB AC adapter is connected at 866.5Mbps and 175Mbps when close or 40 feet away respectively.


      I was asked to attach pictures with the last issue I had. I am attaching pictures with the 7260AC card installed and without it installed.


      Please advise if I need to return either the NUC or the 7260AC card.


      Thank you,without wifi connected 1.jpgwith wifi conected 1.jpg