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    Nuc i5 Haswell (D54250WYKH) Temperature issue and Noisy Fan




      Yesterday I installed a Nuc D54250WYKH.Right from the start,I found it very noisy.



      WLA/Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260

      SSD Crucial M500 120GB CT120M500SSD1

      Kingston ValueRAM 8 GB KVR16LS11/8


      On Visual Bios CPU Core Temp is very  high 80-85ºC and fan about 6.000 RPM . I attached a screenshot.

      I Installed a Windows 7 SP1 and when the processor works just at 10 %,  the temperature of the cores ups quickly ( 80-85º )  and the fan becomes very noisy


      I have installed other NUCs and is the first time that i have this problem


      I am wondering, has anyone else experienced this issue? Any Fixes ?


      I also noticed that the battery is not fixed and moves