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    T6500 False specs provided till 21st july 2009-By Intel


      Hi All!!


      Till 21st July2009 Intel was saying like its T6500 processor supports Intel Vitualization .By studying that only I had purchased Thoshiba Laptop L510 powered by Intel T6500 processor..I was looking for the model which supports virtualization..I was really need of it.. But as of now and as per updated web page Intel T6500 is not Supporting Intel Virtualization. Intel is such a big technical and engineering company and has great history , I never thought that It may cheat people by providing such a false information. Since I had purchased the laptop by belivening the info that available on websiteis correct and  T6500 supports the Intel Virtualization feature, Now my Laptop L510 became no use for me..So regarding this, Does Intel take responsibility to replace my Laptop with a laptop powered by Virtualisation enabled processor. or Can I take any Legal action against Intel...I hope many people come up and supports me in  this regard..T6500.spec20july2009.JPG

      Attached snapshot says it supports Vitualization, But 21st july onwards Intel on its Website Started to say like it doesnt support Virtualization on its T6500 processor.

      But the loss is for me..Now I taking this as serious and want Intel to respond properly before I go for legal actions against it.



      Expecting support from Intel Users and Community.

      Thanks in advance,

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