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    HD 4000 Graphics - Black Borders in Baldurs Gate 2 (Resolution Problem)




      I got a very annoying problem on my Surface Pro since I upgraded to Windows 8.1 last year and I tried a lot to fix it.


      When I play Baldurs Gate 2 in any other resolution than the native screen resolution, it doesn't stretch the Image to fit the screen.


      A black frame appears around the fullscreen Image.



      -all driver settings I tried in the Intel menu haven't fixed that issue (also running as administrator and deactivating "DPI Scaling" in the properties of the games executable)


      -It worked fine on Windows 8.0 but I can't install a Windows 8.0 Intel graphics driver on Windows 8.1.


      -I could play the game in native screen resolution (1920 x 1080) but that game wasn't made for such a high resolution, so everything becomes really tiny and almost impossible to play.


      - turning off the "3D Support" in the options fixes the scaling problem but it makes the fog of war in the game really really ugly, and of course I'd like to play the game with 3D features activated



      I've been waiting for a new graphics driver to fix this problem for halb a year now but I'm not sure if Intel even knows about that issue.

      So I finally decided to ask here please help me out!