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    NUC D54250WYKH minor video artifacts/corruption on screen at BIOS


      I'm at lost here. Installed all the components and installed Windows 8.1 perfectly without issue. Went out for a coffee break and comes back with a NUC on POST screen and a missing SATA hard disk connection and screen showing video artifacts/corruption.


      Never seen this before and thought it was perhaps the motherboard overheated. Power off for a while and waited. Then restart the NUC and able to POST to BIOS. Saw CPU core temperature hovering around 48-50 degree Celsius. Thought it was too hot and then bump up the fan speed from 40% to 70% min.


      SATA connection recognized and Win 8 rebooted although there's still some minor video artifacts/corruption from time to time? I checked my cable, it is mini HDMI v1.4 certified. I don't think is cable issue cos previously before I start encountering the screen flickering, it was working perfectly fine.


      Is this a case of motherboard overheat? Couldn't be right? I didn't run anything on it. Just Windows and I left on the table.


      Could someone please advise me whether this is a normal issue with NUC?