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    Galileo 2 Wishlist


      Now that we have some experience with what the Galileo is, it may be appropriate to have a place for what we would like to see in the next version.


      I have my own ideas, which probably match no one else's, so here goes:


      1) More interface pins. Have shield compatibility with the Arduino Mega, not the Uno.


      2) Keep close to the original Galileo form factor. Current size is about perfect.


      3) Double the onboard ram. Stacked chips if needed.


      4) Replace the Quark with a multiprocessor Atom.


      5) Like the Einstein, have embedded WiFi.


      6) Replace the mini pcie slot with two laptop memory slots. More memory is good. Pcie is not useful other than WiFi.


      7) Replace the Cypress multiplexer with a custom ASIC. All I/O is 16 bits; high byte is port number, low byte is data if output.

      This lets every I/O operation take place in one instruction. This would handle the greatest shortcoming in Galileo.


      8) For all those wanting a GPU and hdmi output - put it in your own list. I don't want another monitor...