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    Every time I reinstall my Intel HD Graphics Driver, I get 'Input Signal Out Of Range'


      Okay, here's the story:


      I tried to install Swtor, but because of my monitor (I think), I got a green box, and a message saying 'Input signal out of range'. Then, every time I turned it on I got the same message. After messing around in Safe Mode, I was able to 'fix' the issue by going into device manager and deleting the display adaptors. But with the solution, came a new problem.


      As a result of this 'solution', I wasnt able to play any of my video games. I tried to reinstall the drivers using my Dell 'Drivers and Utilities' disc, but every time I tried that the 'Input Signal Out Of Range' issue happens again. I also can't seem to find my Graphics Card name anywhere online or on my computer, all it says is Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. Because of this, I am not able to download the drivers online either. It probably wouldn't help, but it would've been worth a try.

      Can someone please help me on this, I'm stuck and I want to get back to playing video games and generally just using my computer. Thank you.