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    DP43TF hardware monitoring?


      I've used Intel boards since the days of the "Pentium Classic" Endeavor motherboard, if anybody has been around long enough to remember that.


      New DP43TF board set up without a problem once I updated the BIOS to newest version.  BUT I have NO hardware monitoring.  Well, the page is there in the BIOS, but all the results (like voltages and temps) are all grayed out with "n/a" in the right column.  Is this a bug for this (the newest) BIOS? Does the DP43TF usually have hardware monitoring?  All the literature I could find on the Intel site seems to suggest that the board usually has hardware monitoring. Intel Desktop utils in XP of course mirrors the BIOS pages and displays NOTHING for temp or fans speeds.


      Rock solid so far; not a hiccup besides this.


      Thanks for any help you can give,



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          Hi there,


          The board has an option called Intel Management Engine Bios.

          You can access the MEBx bios by pressing Ctrl+P.

          Some board needs to have the settings enabled in the Bios in order to access it.
          Bios >> Boot Configuration >> Intel ME Setup Prompt: Enable.

          Go into the Ctrl + P MEBx Bios
          Intel ME COnfiguration >> Enter
          Intel Quiet System Technology >> Enable.
          Save and Exit


          It must work hopefully. :-)


          Kind Regards,

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            Now that was a fast response!!!  Thanks so much!!  I was going to look into the ME setup next.  I had a feeling there might be something in there.


            There is so much all over the Intel site about these boards.  It's not just in one place.  Thanks again.  I'm formatting a big hard drive right now, but I'll check it out as soon as I'm done.  Also thanks for the directions.



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              Hello Aryan:


              I can't thank you enough.  That fixed it perfectly.  I would have found it  eventually but it would have taken me HOURS.  I had just started to read the ME info on the Intel web site, and it was just impenetrable.


              Thanks again!



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                Hello Ube,


                Hi there,


                No problem, i am glad to be of some help.


                I replied to someone else last time - this is why i remember this.  May be you can help the guy who is having issue with the pci video card as i dont know what to tell him for this. :-)


                All the best,




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                  I just replied to him.  The communities section of the intel site has been inaccessible for days  -- at least for me.  Every time I tried to enter that section of the Intel site, I would get a "fatal error" message from the site.  Other times, it wouldn't take my password.