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    Z87 chipset i/o issues?


      Hi, I have a new Z87 motherboard (ASUS Maximus VI Extreme) that POSTs fine, sees all drives, RAM, etc., but I cannot install Windows 7 Pro 64-bit on the SSD I'm using (Samsung 840 Pro) without it giving the infamous 0x8007045D error.  Are there any known issues with Intel Z87 and Samsung drives/SATA3?


      Thank you in advance!

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          Thanks for joining the community.

          I understand you have issues installing the operating system on your computer.

          I have been able to install Windows on a demo computer with Z87 chipset under AHCI and RAID mode. I just made sure Windows7 had SP1 included using thumb drive.


          Please choose proper SATA mode settings at BIOS level and try again.



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            It turns out the shiny new SSD was just bad enough to not take a good install.  I had to wait until another one arrived to eliminate the disk, so I thought I'd rule out any known chipset conflicts.  Thank you for your reply, though.