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    How to implant UEFI Graphic driver for Micro USB display on Galileo platform


      Dear All:

      Dear Galileo's BIOS team:


      Currently, I want to add one Micro USB display (RoboPeak USB Display) for Galielo.

      But I cannot find PCI Display driver sample who can creat EFI_GRAPHICS_OUTPUT_PROTOCOL.

      In UEFI Writer Guide doc, it describles that GraphicsOutput.c needs do this task and create other display related protocols, such as EDID Active protocol, Device Path protocol and so on. Unlikely, I have not find it in both the BIOS source code package and related Intel webs.


      Are there any know about this problem?

      Or know how to implant UEFI graphic driver for USB display?

      Please give me some advices if possible!

      Thanks in advance!




      Best Regards.