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    What OS processes will cause intel rapid start/smart connect to wake up?


      Immediately after sleep state transitions to S4 my PC resumes from S4 mode right away successfully resuming from sleep mode to the lock screen. I only have one clue that helps me isolate what the cause is being in the log of intel smart connect indicating the previous wake event was OS initiated.

      • Occasionally the sleep function performs as desired/it stays asleep.
      • Could it be anything that Windows wants to finish up before it goes to sleep so it wakes back up then has to wait for sleep timer to go back to sleep again?
      • I tried disabling wake timers in the OS power policy.
      • I tried disabling 'allow scheduled maintenance to wake up my computer at a scheduled time'.
      • I was suspicious of the apple Bonjour Service, recent observations indicate that software isn't the problem.

      My computer still frequently wakes back up from sleep mode immediately after transitioning to the S4 mode. Maybe it's the motherboard manufacturer's BIOS for the MSI Z87 G45 Gaming. There are notes about: 02. Fix Intel (R) Rapid Start Technology function fail in the BETA BIOS' (at the bottom of the page).