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    Problem With Proc Clocking using Win7 Power Plans I7-2640m


      First, thank you to all that read and respond to this offering help!


      On to the content. So first, as stated in the title, my laptop has the I7-2640m 2.8ghz, 3.5ghz TurboBoost proc installed. The laptop is an Asus u47a running 64-bit win7 ultimate, 8gb ram. And for what it's worth, you can speak computer jargin, I have 7+ years experience building computers as a hobbyist and repairing computers for in a small business setting, so for those of you who have a similar background, you know how frustrating it is to be unable to figure out our own problems...lol


      THE BACKGROUND: My issue here is simple, yet complicated. I've had the computer for a few years, and all has been well so far, but as the computer aged, I began to acquire a lot of junk from normal use so I decided to do a standard OS rebuild. Prior to the rebuild, I was able to go into the Windows Power Plan Settings (power save, balanced and performance,) then into the advanced settings in which i could adjust the processor power management. The processor power management is controlled by max and min % of the processor power. So previously, i could input 50% as the max power and it would in turn limit the proc to 1.4ghz, likewise, if 99% was the input, i would get 2.8ghz, and 100% would enable TurboBoost and give me 3.5ghz. This was nice because I could A. limit the power/clock based on whether the computer was plugged in or running on battery B. limit the power/clock based on my current needs.


      THE DILEMMA! Post rebuild, the clock stays at 2.8ghz. period, the end. never drops below, and never goes up. Just a steady, 2 point 8. As you can assume, this is inconvenient for a couple reason, mainly power consumption and lack of TurboBoost when it is needed.

      I know this because i use the app "core temp" to read my clock speed, multiplier, voltage, and temperature. Clock and multiplier stay steady, however the voltage does fluctuate.


      All drivers are up to date. The bios has been flashed to the most current version (as of a year ago ie. no new releases.) So I guess I've hit a bit of a brick wall here...I feel as if either I'm missing a piece of software that enables this feature, or perhaps it was something that was installed when the notebook was purchased...either way I would REALLY like to figure this out.

      ANY ideas would be more than appreciated. Thank you 1000x over in advance. This is really irritating.

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          If you want the processor to vary the clock speed and adjust to the power management settings, Intel® SpeedStep™ must be enabled in BIOS.


          I would expect this setting and Intel® Turbo Boost Technology to be enabled in BIOS by loading the default values but you may want to confirm this.


          Default settings is usually the best way to go; there could be other settings which I believe should be reset to default such as C states and other ones that may vary in name depending on the BIOS manufacturer (I.e. Processor Power Efficiency Policy). I assume you are using a vanilla fresh operating system installation, so settings like msconfig or power plans were not altered.

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            Thank you for your reply Joe.

            I will start by saying that yes, it is a fresh install and msconfig and power plans remain unaltered. Unfortunately, the bios options that you've mentioned do not exist in my bios menu. This would make it seem as if it were never possible for the clock speed to be changed on the fly(but it definitely was)...and also an OS rebuild would not alter any bios setting, in which case, if it worked before and I haven't adjusted the bios since, I shouldn't have to adjust anything in the bios menu. So I guess the only possibility left would be another means for the clock speed to be adjusted. I realize this is somewhat complex because intel did not manufacture the computer or create the bios. Is it possible that perhaps the manufacturer just didn't include those options in the bios and they could potentially just be enabled by default with no option within the bios to disable?... Do you think I may have better luck getting my question answered by talking with the laptop manufacturer rather than you? And just a side note, when viewing the cpu performance monitor (windows computer management) it displays cpu0, cpu1, cpu2 and cpu3. cpu0 and 2 are always on, but when using little resources, cpu1 and 3 say parked, and when resources are needed cpu1 and 3 activate. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like there is some "on the fly" cpu adjustments happening, but something is not allowing the clock speed to change.

            Thanks again. Hope something I said can spark an idea.

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              I agree with you, there is some power management going on. It is a good idea to run the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool. Processors; What is the Intel´┐Ż Processor Diagnostic Tool?


              I know some laptop manufacturers allow some BIOS settings to be visible to the user while others remain hidden. I would not know exactly how this would have changed, perhaps the CMOS battery, but I would recommend resetting BIOS defaults to see if this makes a difference. You may want to check which settings you had modified previously just in case you need to change them back again after reset.


              The laptop manufacturer may have further information about your system; perhaps they know of a BIOS update… just to name an example.