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    win 8.1 update 1: taichi 21 broken (no tablet, no mirror, no clone)


      I have a Asus Taichi 21, today I updated to Windows 8.1 update 1 ( i was on 8.1). Now I can only use the pc as a notebook, if i enable any mode (clone, tablet, extended) different than that I get a single screen on the main display with 1024x768 resolution. I can use both the Asus tool or the option "output" of the driver with the same (bad) result.


      I had the driver from the original asus image, no modifications, I tried updating to the more recent driver available on the asus website ( and nothing has changed...


      Why Intel can't put the needed modifications for this notebook inside the standard driver!??!?! Why I'm like that only beca display driver use of the updates?