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    Intel HD 3000 audio driver not ouputing digital sound via HDMI


      Good day, I have been trying to search and solve this issue for days not but to no avail.


      My laptop is a Gigabyte Q1532n with onboard intel 3000 graphics and dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GT-520M graphic running windows 7 professional 64 bit.  My laptop screen cracked so I decided to use it as a HTPC (home theatre pc) by connecting it to my LG tv via HDMI.  My LG tv is connected to a Sony 6.2 surround sound amplifier via an optical cable.

      so the connection goes like: HTPC(laptop)--LG TV--Sony Surround sound amplifier.  Video output is perfectly fine.

      The HDMI sound output is controlled by the intel 3000 hd audio driver and I have updated to the latest driver, however the HDMI is only outputting 2 channel sound even if i play video files with HD audio.  I have attached my dxdiag report.

      please note that I have connected my PS3 and my satellite hd receiver via the same configuration (device--LG TV--Sony Amplifier) and i get digital audio working fine so I'm assuming that my equipment setup is fine.  I have also used a Mini PC with NVIDIA ION graphics on Windows 7  64 bit and windows 8.1 64 bit (NIVIDIA driver for HDMI sound) and got digital HD audio working fine via HDMI also cementing the idea that the equipment set up isnt a problem.

      thank you in advance for your help, this problem is literally driving me crazy.

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          Hi olie,


          I am sorry you are having problems with your system but let me help you.


          Based on your description and the dxdiag report you have provided, we can do some troubleshooting steps:

          1. As first step I recommend you updating the BIOS on your system.

          2. Update your graphics driver by uninstalling the current driver and installing the latest that can be found at the following link:


          3. Test a different HDMI cable (better Quality if possible)

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            hi kevin, thanks for you reply.


            I tried the suggestions above, there is no newer bios than the one im using now and I've used 3 different HDMI cables (all which work fine with my ps3 and satellite tv) and installed the latest intel graphics and audio drivers (they come in the same installer package) but my problem was still the same.


            I thought maybe upgrading to windows 8.1 will make a difference and went ahead, repeated the above steps and still nothing.


            I just need the device to send passthrough audio to the tv but instead the audio device seems to be converting the sound to 2 channels and sending it via hdmi to the tv.