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    Help!!! problem with installing Win 7 on Intel NUC D54250WYK


      Hi all,


      The components are:


      Intel NUC D54250WYK

      Kingston SMS200S3/60G

      Crucial CT2KIT51264BF160B

      Intel 7260HMW IEEE 802.11AC


      The last bios WYLPT10H.86A.0025.EB.EXE


      By a failure of the OS has forced me to reinstall Win 7, I mean I had already installed at first and had no problems.


      The problem is that when I'm doing the installation gives me the following message:





      As you can see in the BIOS I selected AHCI mode.




      Just let me do the installation when I put the BIOS in RAID mode.


      Instructions for installing Win 7 says that you must put it in ACHI




      No that could have happened, Any solution?


      Thanks in advance.


      I'm sorry but my English is not very good