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    DG33BU Sound Adapter not working In Windows 7


      hi. i recently installed winmdows 7 to try it out and learn to be ready because i work as a tehnical support.


      i downloaded and installed all windows 7 drivers from intel's download center.


      in my device manager window i saw


      Realtek High Defination Audio, under the Sound Adapters segment. And one unknown device which says Pci simple communication controller.

      i fand out that unknown device was Intel Management Engine. Since i there wasnt a driver for this under windows 7 drivers i downloaded and installed Vista driver and it seems ok.


      so now i have no unknown device everything is installed correctly but my sound card keeps saying:


      "the speaker, headset or headphone is unplugged" and check it out under sound management in control panel and seems like sound adapter doesnt recognizes any of the input jacks that are correctly installed. nediter line out, line in nor mic.


      İ found a article on this site that says windows 7 drivers for intel management engine isnt ready yet but i can use it if i install it. as i said i did but i still have the same problem no matter what. i also tried to download and install drivers from the realtek web site.


      What should i do know. Shuld i just give up and install XP back?