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    DC3217BY & Apple Thunderbolt Display - doesn't show bios




      I have a Intel NUC DC3217by and a Apple Thunderbolt Display and i only can use the Thunderbolt Display after doing the windows 8 installation with another Monitor connected on HDMI. BIOS information (F2 or F10 text message), Visual Bios and the installation of windows arent't available on Thunderbolt Display until windows drivers for Intel HD4000 is installed.


      Apple hardware doesn't have bios, but DisplayPort over thunderbolt isn't supposed to work natively without drivers (HD 4000) as Thunderbolt combines PCI Express (PCIe) and DisplayPort (DP)?


      Thanks in advance

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          Hello Whocarez, we have seen this behavior before, but when customer used an HDMI monitor that does not support a resolution of 1024x768. You won’t be able to access the BIOS or have video with other resolution.


          In your case, since it is an Apple display, I would recommend you to check with them if this monitor is compatible or if it is able to be use with a NUC. Remember that Apple has their own compatible products list.

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            Hi Sylvia,


            The Apple Thunderbolt Display exists previous to Intel DC3217by...

            So if Intel has on the specs Thunderbolt support should have done the homework and not push to Apple to validate Intel products.

            If Intel doesn't validate is product with the only display that supports Thunderbolt, why Intel has on the technical specification graphics section: "Thunderbolt port supporting display port capability"?

            It's should said "Partial support, usable only with other Display supporting HDMI."


            This product from Intel show tha'ts wasn't a beloved product inside Intel, and that Intel doen't explore the full capabilities from this technology.

            My justification for this comment:

               - Doesn't support booting from external Thunderbolt drives

               - Bios unavailable on Thunderbolt displays

               - Windows drivers for networking between PC already available on OSX, on Windows only now Intel announced.

                 - Newer generation doesn't have model with Thunderbolt