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    Have a new build i5 4670 with a ASUS Z87-A MB fails Intel processor test


      System will run OK for several hours to several days unless I use some intensive processor programs like a video rendering program.  But even if I just let the system idle, it will eventually blue screen and reboot.  I ran the Intel diagnostic tool and it fails the clock test and produces a warning about the CPU freq.  Reset the Bios to default settings and got the same results.  System is pretty basic.  I have attached the test result file for reference.


      MB is an ASUS Z87-A

      OS is Windows 7 Pro patched to current

      using on-board video and sound (no video or sound boards)

      8 GB DDR3 Crucial memory part number BLS4G3D1609DS1S00

      Western digital disk drives  1TB HDD and 1 3TB HDD

      LG optical drive

      600 watt power suppy