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    Intel® Desktop Board DH87RL problems


      I recently purchased a Intel® Desktop Board DH87RL along with a 4th gen core i3 cpu, kingston 8gb compatible ram, and PSU. The system has a Plextor 128GB SSD drive as the primary hard disk. Since the past 2 days I have having nightmares in enabling configuration of the system to boot up. The board does not recognize external USB dvd drive. Later I also purchased a LG sata internal DVD drive to proceed with the install.


      I am unable to change the boot device order from the visual BIOS. The BIOS detects the dvd drive but still does not boot from it. I do not get a list of options to choose boot order in Legacy mode or UEFI mode. I have tried with Only enabled Legacy Mode and only UEFI mode on does not help. Secure boot has been off. I am using the inbuilt gpu with a DVI monitor. Pressing the F10 option during boot does nothing!!!! I keep getting the  "no boot media found..." error. The current BIOS is an older version for june last year (will edit with the exact bios string later). 



      Before the upgrade I had a  Intel DG33FB Classic board + core two duo with 6 gb ram and using the same Plextor 128GB SSD drive as the primary hard disk. I was getting boot up speeds under 6 sec. I really had great expectations from this upgrade. I am very very disappointed with my experience. This visual BIOS is more of a pain and gimmick . At least with the old style one could quickly configure and use the system!!!  Intel, what can be done to resolve this?